Harness the power in your cycle, in every season of growth.

You missed the class "WOMANHOOD 101"

You missed the class “WOMANHOOD 101”–

Sure, sometimes you are on top of the world–confident in this thing called life, making plans, and getting stuff done. UNTIL. You’re not. You are afraid to make plans, conversations blow up, you feel disconnected to your body, work productivity suffers, and you feel out of balance. All the time you’re trying to keep your internal struggle secret.


Awkward, uncomfortable, and stuck in unknowns; no one seems to offer the kind of conversations that bring clarity and purpose. Everyone else seems to be handling things!


Honestly, girl. I see you. I am you. Between monthly cycles all the way to pregnancy and postpartum to perimenopause (what!?)–being a woman is one wild ride with unique, SIGNIFICANT seasonal shifts .


 It is time to level up.


You are here for growth.

You can feel confident, capable, and in control. You can understand your body’s needs and messages with greater clarity and connection.

Why I created Growth in Her Seasons.

My name is Shara and I have always been a planner.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved making plans for what my future family would look like. I created calendars and posters and created a family newsletter. By the time I was ready to prepare for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, I felt educated, experienced, and organized in my life.

During my first pregnancy, I got stuck. To be honest, I felt both alone AND surrounded by too much information. What I needed was a guide, an enthusiastic expert to hold space for my fears, and offer the information and support that I needed during that season of my life.

Between my first birth to my fifth (including 2 c-sections and 3 vbacs), I learned new skills and gathered new information. I felt stronger, more empowered, and better prepared. I took trainings to be able to support other women. I learned about the power of noticing my own cyclical hormonal patterns. I created Growth In Her Seasons to be your guide for your season of hormone cycles, birth, postpartum, and beyond. You will find your inner strength, and I will be there to cheer you on.



Birth Doula
Clinical Therapist (CSW)
Clinical Workshop Facilitator/Speaker
Women's Wellness Educator (Birth, Postpartum, Hormone Cycle)

More About Shara

I am a birth doula, birth-postpartum-lactation educator, and certified social worker with a passion for supporting and normalizing important conversations about women’s issues (ahem: mental health, hormones & cycle, perinatal + postnatal + breastfeeding). In 2008, I attended a small class at a tiny hospital—so excited to be pregnant with my baby. I remember feeling that I wanted more information from a trusted guide, and yet overwhelmed with too many opinions and perspectives from friends or family.

The other thought I had was: how cool would that be to teach women about the power of their bodies?

I tell you what–it is absolutely my favorite thing.  I am here to connect with you in the ways you need most.  However YOU are experiencing in YOUR unique season…increased curiosity around your hormone cycle, pregnancy planning, prenatal education, postpartum planning–I got you.

 You are made for growth. I am here to be a nourishing guide by your side. Also I’m here for sweet potato fries. Grab your favorite snack and let’s hang out in a class, workshop, or one-on-one coaching!


Navigating a cycle of wonder and
growth in every season.

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You are here for growth. I am here with education and hype girl energy.



You are tired of being surprised every month when you feel out of control by your hormone cycle.

You are done fighting with your body and want to know how to embrace your cyclical self.

You are preparing for birth and want a class that takes you from chaos to calm.

You  want an expert to guide you through understanding what is actually in your control as you prepare for birth.

You are realizing that life after baby is the biggest change you have ever experienced–you need a guide & a plan for postpartum.

Everyone says life will never be the same when the baby comes–and you want to be prepared.

You are a woman–and you want to know how to harness the power of your hormones, in all of your phases.

If any of these resonate–it is time!

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YOU are here for growth.

YOU are here to learn more about your body – you are curious about how it *might* be a blueprint.

YOU are preparing for birth and want an enthusiastic educator who knows her stuff.

YOU are preparing for life after baby and desperately need REAL information, not just your Aunt’s outdated advice.


Step 1: Register for a class or workshop
Step 2: Confirmation email - I'm now on YOUR team.
Step 3: I'll meet you in your class or workshop, and you will leave with new information, questions answered, and sparks of growth (promise!).


I know you are busy. I know you want to find the best classes available.

You don't have time for a series of classes to go to on top of everything else you have going on--these courses were made with YOU in mind.

Growth In Her Seasons birth and baby classes are CONDENSED, ONE DAY classes--all the information you need to get started on important conversations with your support team, provider, and partner.

Individuals and couples report feeling empowered in their choices fo birth and more prepared for life after baby comes.
Condensed Childbirth Ed (Virtual) Group Class 4 hours 30 minutes LIVE ZOOM FORMAT


THIS CLASS has two parts:

FIRST–Interactive, real-time childbirth education course with me–referred to by clients as an “enthusiastic instructor”. I am dedicated to YOUR growth in this unique season of life: preparing for BIRTH. And I’m enthusiastic about it. I can’t help myself (not annoying, just heartwarming enthusiasm).

This class supports a non-judgemental space, with the focus on evidence-based practice instead of adding any pushing a ‘one way only’ type of birth preparation. I promise you that you will not leave the class until your questions are answered

SECOND– You have  12 month access to modules that are rich with information, guides, practices, videos, photos, explanations, and more. All tucked inside your exclusive access to INJOY online learning resources. The cost of this is included in your registration fee.

(This is the postpartum course that EVERYONE needs)
Condensed Welcome Baby (Virtual) Group Class 4 hours 30 minutes LIVE ZOOM FORMAT

You want to know what NO ONE talks about? What to do AFTER baby is born!

THIS CLASS has two parts:


FIRST: Real-time, interactive breastfeeding-baby-new parent class where we discuss topics that you might not have considered yet but ABSOLUTELY need to. I am passionate about YOUR growth during this season of transitioning to parenthood.

This class does not insist on any brands or products, or specific lifestyle choices for parenting newborns–it is an invitation for you to understand the physiology and emotional aspects of post-birth healing, newborn development, and attachment. I do not know how you should parent (neither does your mother-in-law!), but this class gives YOU the foundation of facts and evidence-based understanding to make your actual best decisions. For you, for your partner, and for baby. This is a whole family experience!


SECOND– You have  12 month access to modules that are rich with information, guides, practices, videos, photos, explanations, and more. All tucked inside your exclusive access to INJOY online learning resources. The cost of this is included in your registration fee.


I AM CYCLICAL WORKSHOP: {Live Virtual} Workshop 3 hours

What if your hormonal cycle provides a biological blueprint?


Most of us were given barely any information about our body’s patterns, processes, and connections to hormones when we learned about menstruation. Most of us learned as pre-teens or teens about period management and  how to create and/or avoid pregnancy. AND THAT WAS IT.


THIS CLASS invites you to a new awareness–even an opportunity to untangle the ways your cycle has felt like a burden to you. This class will probably most likely transform your relationship with your hormonal cycle.

You will learn about the four distinct phases of your cycle and how you can LEVEL UP your busy life as you notice and understand what messages your body has JUST FOR YOU.


Growth in every season happens best in community. The truth is, we need as much nourishing support as we can get.

As a certified social worker, I strive to continually educate myself on social justice so I can better support communities, families, and individuals. As a women’s wellness educator and birth worker, I have seen firsthand the discrimination against those more likely to experience lower levels of care within maternal care systems: BIPOC, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people who are other-abled, and trauma survivors.

If you are looking for a page of the best resources on birth justice, I highly (highly!) recommend my dear friend Sharon with Empowering Birth Support.

As you are making decisions for birth and you are looking for the newest facts and information, there is nothing better than Dr. Rebecca Dekker with  Evidence Based Birth.

For information to support any and all postpartum needs, I will send you with a hug to the amazing organization at Postpartum Support International.

To learn more about empowering movements in menstruation–I love the good that Period Education Project is doing!


As a women’s wellness educator, I have spent the last ten years creating offerings and working with individuals and families to support their life transitions around birth, postpartum, and hormone cycle education. In my graduate research, I realized that there was a need for a conversation around many women’s issues and mental health, including the hormone cycle.

I created a one-hour  training especially for clinical teams that educates and informs mental health practitioners about:

  • the hormone changes throughout the cycle
  • four distinct phases each month moderated by the endocrine system
  • new research on brain changes specific to the female hormone cycle 
  • mental health impacts and implications for clients
  • DSM diagnoses related to women’s issues and hormones
  • how to have conversations with clients that eliminates any discomfort/shame caused by “could it be your period?”

Contact to schedule a clinical hormone cycle training for YOUR mental health practice, agency, or group.

What clinical teams are saying:

Let's Chat!

You can reach me by email at growth.in.her.seasons@gmail.com, or on Instagram. I can respond within 24-48 hours.

I look forward to connecting with you!

xoxo Shara